Marvel’s Midnight Suns has third-person sections that feel more like an adventure game

Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Marvel's Midnight Suns will feature a third-person perspective during its sections in the hub area, known as The Abbey.

While the new game from XCOM developer Firaxis focuses on traditional turn-based strategy, creative director Jake Solomon told GamesRadar+ that "The Abbey itself is real-time, just third-person over-the-shoulder running around these characters [...] in real time."

Solomon goes on to explain how the Abbey sections will shape your understanding of the characters, as well as their relationships with one another: "What is it like when Tony Stark and Dr. Strange have to work together. What is it like when I'm trying to choose who I'm forming friendships with. The friendships have a huge impact on combat as well - you're unlocking the potential of every hero,"

As in many party-based RPGs, like Dragon Age or some parts of The Witcher 3, those third-person sections are "very social." Solomon says that within them, when you're hanging out with the Midnight Suns roster, "you have to choose how you talk to them in giving them gifts. There are also different clubs around The Abbey you can join. So it's a very social environment."

Sadly, as much as you'll be able to get to know your party members, you won't be able to romance characters in Midnight Suns. While your character, The Hunter, might be completely customizable, Firaxis is working with some extremely long-established figures in its new roster, and no newbie is going to be coming between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

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