Marvel's Midnight Suns won't let you romance any characters

Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Marvel's Midnight Suns won't let you romance anyone in its superhero roster.

Speaking to IGN in a new interview, Firaxis creative director Jake Solomon spoke about the interactions with your fellow superheroes in the Abbey — the social space of Marvel's Midnight Suns. "The idea is that by the time you maximize your friendship with these characters, you are as close to them as anybody else in the Marvel universe. But yeah, not romantic," Solomon said. 

"[T]rust me, if I could romance Blade, I would But yes, it's more a case of these are very well-defined characters. So instead it's deep, deep friendship," the creative director continued. While some will undoubtedly be disappointed that they can't romance their favorite Marvel characters, there's still plenty of time and space to get to know them better in between missions.

If you missed the grand unveiling of Firaxis's new game yesterday at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Marvel's Midnight Suns is a fast-paced tactical RPG from the XCOM developer. It stars existing Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Blade, Wolverine, Captain America, and many others, all working together in one squad with their renowned abilities and skillsets.

There's not even long to wait until Marvel's Midnight Suns is with us, as it's targeting a March 2022 release date. At launch, it'll be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and you can check out a full gameplay reveal from Firaxis as soon as next week on September 1.

For a deeper look at the Marvel initiatives that might have inspired the new game by Firaxis, head over to Newarama's Midnight Sons explainer guide for more.

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