Marvel's Avengers characters are a little flustered by Jane Foster's Thor

Marvel's Avengers
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Turns out Marvel's Avengers characters want Jane Foster's Thor to step on them. 

No, you're not misreading that. The latest addition to the Marvel's Avengers roster might've only just landed earlier this month, but as the Twitter user just below has picked up on, Captain America notes that some minor guard characters in Marvel's Avengers actually want Jane Foster's Thor to step on them.

While Cap really gets the wrong end of the stick in this conversation, Foster immediately cottons on to what the guards are going on about. Hey, if this is the same Captain America who was frozen solid in ice between the 1940s and 2010s, no wonder he's a bit out of touch with horny lingo. 

It's not just the Shield grunts that are caught up in Foster's aura - even Iron Man tries it on at one point, while Spidey is enamoured in a somewhat different way.

If the internet's reaction to Natalie Portman's Thor was anything to go by earlier this year, perhaps it's not a surprise Crystal Dynamics injected this little exchange into Marvel's Avengers with Jane Foster. People went nothing short of buck wild for Portman's take on the character in Thor: Love and Thunder, which launches just next month on July 8.

In terms of Marvel's Avengers though, we might not be seeing another new hero like Foster for quite some time. Earlier this year in April, Crystal Dynamics quietly confirmed it had scrapped a previously-planned roadmap for the game going forward, in favor of smaller updates. The update for Jane Foster was one of the biggest to launch for Marvel's Avengers in quite some time, and it could well be the final large-scale update for the action game.

Check out our feature on how Jane Foster became The Mighty Thor in Marvel comics for a complete walkthrough of the character.

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