Marvel Comics now has an Alex Ross mural in its offices

(Image credit: Marvel Entertainment)

Comic book painter Alex Ross broke into mainstream comic books with the 1994 limited series Marvels which showed major events of the Silver Age Marvel Universe through the lens of an everyman reporter experiencing the wonders around him. Now, a little bit of Ross's trademark art has broken the bounds of the 'world outside your window' to adorn Marvel Comics' New York City offices.

A video, seen here, shows what it looks like when your workplace is covered in paintings by one of the most legendary comic book artists working today. Ross has worked for numerous publishers, with most of his work being published through DC and Marvel. He's done covers for almost every major character, including notable covers for Avengers, JSA, Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Justice League, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk, and dozens of other characters and titles.

Marvel is currently prepping a line of variant covers from Ross featuring some of the publisher's most well-known heroes painted in their original or classic costumes. Dubbed 'Timeless' variants, that name for the line plays on Marvel's original name as a publisher, Timely Comics, and alludes to the iconic nature of the characters on the covers.

Ross's 'Timeless' variants include covers for 28 different titles publishing throughout October and September. Here's a full list of where the 'Timeless' variants will appear:

September 2020

  • X-Factor #4 (Angel)
  • Iron Man #1 (Iron Man)
  • Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four #1 (Sub-Mariner)
  • Immortal She-Hulk #1 (She-Hulk)
  • Fantastic Four: Antithesis #2 (Silver Surfer)
  • Immortal Hulk #37 (Hulk)
  • Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 (Storm)
  • Strange Academy #3 (Doctor Strange)
  • Captain America #23 (Captain America)
  • Fantastic Four #24 (Human Torch)
  • Fantastic Four #24 (Invisible Woman)
  • Fantastic Four #24 (Thing)
  • Fantastic Four #24 (Mr. Fantastic)
  • Avengers #26 (Ghost Rider)

October 2020

  • Amazing Spider-Man #50 (Spider-Man)
  • Daredevil #23 (Daredevil)
  • Excalibur #13 (Nightcrawler)
  • Fantastic Four #25 (Black Bolt)
  • Fantastic Four: Antithesis #3 (Medusa)
  • Hellions #5 (Phoenix)
  • Marauders #13 (Iceman)
  • New Mutants #13 (Colossus)
  • Shang-Chi #2 (Shang-Chi)
  • Spider-Woman #5 (Spider-Woman)
  • Thor #8 (Thor)
  • Wolverine #6 (Wolverine)
  • X-Force #13 (Beast)
  • X-Men #13 (Cyclops) 

You can view all the covers here

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