Mario Party DS

Aug 31, 2007

After Wii's Mario Party 8 (sound of limp party blower), we're amazed Nintendo are daring to even buy the invite envelopes for another Mario bash. But, honestly, Mario Party DS doesn't look all that bad. You get your usual grab-bag of game boards (which seem a tad less involved than their TV counterparts), stars, coins, minigames and the rest.

What's new is some kind of Honey I Shrunk The Mario scenario: the boards and minigames force the crew to confront oversized Goombas and Piranha Plants. It's all a bit surreal: one minigame has a towering Shy Guy looming over you on the bottom screen as you run, run, run for his pleasure until you fall to your death on a flaming grill, while, apropos of nothing, an airplane lazily crosses a blue sky on the top screen. Perhaps it's a hell/heaven thing. Freaks us out, frankly.