Mario Party 9 trailer steers into new territory

Mario and his mascot posse are returning to the Wii for another round of minigame chaos, this time bearing new Captain Events, Boss minigames, and even more ways to screw over your friends for stars. See how the games are shaping up in Nintendo's latest trailer:

Mario Party 9 will include over 80 minigames spread over seven boards and multiple game types; including 4-Player, 1-Vs-3, Bowser Jr. Minigames, and special Boss Minigames wherein players team up to defeat the main baddie of each level. The title will also give the party people an opportunity to play Captain and pilot the entire group around the board while participating in game-changing Captain Events.

This latest installment of the popular Mario Party series is thought to be one of the last major releases for the Wii. You can send it off in style when it releases on March 2 in the UK, and later on March 11 in North America.

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