Mario Kart smashes into The Finals and Mirror's Edge in this bloodthirsty sports game

Deathsprint 66
(Image credit: Sumo Newcastle)

The bloodsport spectacle of The Finals collides with the fast pace of Mario Kart and the slick parkour skills of Mirror's Edge in Deathsprint 66, which just got its exclusive reveal in Edge Magazine.

In 2066, in a world ravaged by climate change, the abandoned metropolises humanity has mostly left behind have been converted for a new use - a deadly sport. In Deathsprint 66, players will race through these collapsed cities, but it's not all about speed: Mario Kart-esque items will help keep the pack leaders in check, albeit with a substantially bloodier twist - the green and red shells of Nintendo's family-friendly classic are replaced by the buzzsaw and the seekersaw. Both are capable of taking off a hand. Or simply chopping you in half.

With its parkour stylings, the comparison to Mirror's Edge should be pretty clear - to this day, few games have emulated what remains the quintessential free-running game. But the link with The Finals is a little less clear - Deathsprint 66 is intended as a sport, a spectacle in line with the "blood and circus" gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome, according to design director Andrew Willan. The Finals, set in its fancy virtual reality arenas, is notably less bloody than Deathsprint, but both games are positioned as sports within their world.

That means a particular kind of spectacle. Deathsprint 66's bloodsport origins hark back to cult 70s and 80s movies like Rollerball, Death Race 2000, and The Running Man, but it's also part of a more modern movement; games like The Finals, and shows like Squid Game, suggested to developer Sumo Newcastle that there's a renewed appetite for this kind of spectacle, albeit with a different medium to play with now.

Deathsprint 66 is set to release on PC, with console ports potentially coming down the road if that initial launch allows for it, but there's no word on a release window yet - you'll learn more during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase in March.

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