Mario gets an official Rainbow Road cake for his 35th birthday

(Image credit: Nintendo/Cold Stone Creamery)

International ice cream chain Coldstone Creamery has partnered with Nintendo for a selection of 35th anniversary Super Mario Bros treats.

Commemorating Mario's birthday is Coldstone's Birthday Cake Batter Bash ice cream, which is mixed into the Mario's Super Star Shake, served up in a cup of Mario's Mario's Super Birthday Blast, and crammed into the Rainbow Road Rally cake. That's right, there's an official Rainbow Road cake - all of the delectable colors without the road rage.

As fleeting as a passing year, the Coldstone Super Mario Bros. ice cream collection is only available for a limited time, and it sounds like a "while supplies last" sort of situation. If you are planning on placing an order and celebrating with ol' Mario, know that Coldstone stores are independently-operated, so pickup and delivery options vary from location to location.

Of course, you don't need to buy anything at all to take part in Mario's Coldstone-sponsored celebrations. In addition to the dentist-defying sweets, there's also the Coldstone Creamery Nintendo 2020 Sweepstakes. Just submit your email and contact information to enter the sweepstakes, and you've got a chance to win one of over 100 prizes. Five Grand Prize winners get a Nintendo Switch, a $50 Coldstone gift card, and 12 Switch games. 100 other winners will win a Switch, a $25 Coldstone gift card, and five Switch games.

Nintendo has been on a licensing kick of late, partnering with Levi's earlier in the year for a clothing line and later releasing the Lego Super Mario Bros set. Now that the plucky plumber is making his foray into food, let's get an official Mario Bros pizza with power-up mushrooms, black olives for Bob-ombs, and... fire flowers.

Of course, Mario's always most comfortable inside a video game, so here's everything we want from Super Mario Galaxy 3.

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