Marie Antoinette and Inside Man

Since the runaway success of the off-kilter dramedy Lost In Translation, Sofia Coppola has been elevated to the indie big league. Her latest screen stylings come in the shape of Marie Antoinette, young wife of Louis XVI and a teensy bit of a hellraiser. The flick reunites Coppola with her Virgin Suicides star Kirsten Dunst, who takes the lead role. The trailer suggests that Ms C is revolutionising the, erm, French Revolution and adding a dash of punk to the period. We can't wait...

You've seen one heist movie you've seen 'em all, right? Well excuse us if we're getting a little jittery over this full length clip of Spike Lee's safe-cracker, Inside Man.

The cast list is bursting with Oscar appreciated talent such as 'tached-up negotiator Denzel Washington, a wonderfully prickly Jodie Foster and bank vault-botherer Clive Owen. Can Spike steal an original spin on this tired out format?

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