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Marc Forster directing The Jury

With State Of Play getting a quality face-lift and a star cast, it looks like Hollywood is rediscovering a favourite source of material to feed the monstrous movie machine.

Fox 2000 is following Universal’s lead, snatching up The Jury, a miniseries written by The Queen’s Peter Morgan (he loves his “The” titles, does Morgan) that aired over here way back in 2002.

The plot – which will be adapted into a film script by Beau Willimon – follows the trial of a young Sikh student who is charged with the murder of his tormenter – a classmate. It’ll explore the lives of the jurors as they make their decision.

Marc Forster, the man who is busy getting ready to make his first Bond movie – will call the shots as soon as he finishes that marathon shoot. If he survives it, that is...