Man plays Mario tune on bottles with RC car

Clearly proving that some Nintendo fans have more time than sense, a man has been recorded playing the theme to Mario by using a remote control car to run a wire against the sides of a line of bottles filled with different amounts of water.

Imagine, if you will, being well bored in a pub with a table full of half-empties. You might have the urge to try and play the music from Close Encounters by smacking the bottles with a fork. After a few tries, you crack it and feel happy for a moment. Then grow bored again.

That's essentially what we're seeing here, except on a minute long, note-perfect level.

By our estimations, there's got to be at least a hundred bottles there. We imagine he spend days working out precisely how much liquid was required in each bottle to achieve every note on the scale, then worked out the notes required by the tune and replicated enough bottles to achieve his minute of fame on YouTube.

Because of all that, we think you owe it to him to at least watch it. Whether you mock him mercilessly afterwards for wasting so much time is something we'll leave for you to decide.

Courtesy of CVGÂ

Apr 16, 2008