Man Is A Woman review

This hybrid of Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet and recent Chris O'Donnell turkey The Bachelor takes its title from Canadian author Robertson Davies, who claimed every man has a hidden female side, and vice versa.

English-mangling Eurotrash host De Caunes is Simon, a gay clarinetist who's offered a large sum of cash and a new home by a rich uncle (Aumont) if he agrees to marry. So Simon hooks up with Jewish virgin Rosalie (Zylberstein) - - although he's more interested in her younger brother (Elmaheh).

There's plenty of sexual confusion and trouser-dropping farce in Zilbermann's script, but the writer/director opts instead for a sombre study of inviolable natures creating unnecessary suffering. De Caunes and Zylberstein give watchable performances, while the jaunty kletzmer music offers some tuneful respite from the occasionally histrionic action.

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