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Major Doctor Who Spoiler

Okay, you have been warned. You have the choice not to go on.

So, still wanna know?

Your last chance.

On this thread (you need to sign up, but if you're a serious spoiler hound, it's worth it) in the Outpost Gallifery forums, infamous scooper Scooty has snapped a pic of David Tennant's Doctor in a (what looks like contemporary) book shop where there's a signing for a book with a very telling title... and author: A Journal Of Impossible Things by Verity Newman. And if that doesn't get you all excited we suggest you watch "Human Nature"/"Family Of Blood" again.

Blimey. That's an exciting development we weren't expecting.

Meanwhile, Planet Gallifrey has a ton of new pictures from "Planet Of The Dead" including this guy:

So, does the episode also feature a fly with a scientist's head, crying, "Help me! Help me!"?