Major League Baseball 2K7

The sticky outfielder momentum has been dutifully fixed, and you can feel free to adjust their positions in the field dynamically, from "easy-out" closeness to Barry Bonds deep. In addition, the base screens that haunted the corners of the screen last season have been pleasantly replaced by a more subtle, transparent representation, giving you a full view of the action occurring on all the bases without the distraction.

Manager and Franchise modes offer further depth into the sport with the addition of a detailed economy system. Using the Windows-esque interface you can buy and trade players, as well as hire staff members whose duties you can assign. Managing your team is free and easy, allowing you to watch a quick thumbnail version of games in GM mode, with the option of jumping into the actual game at any point you wish.

But nowhere is the new monetary system more vital than when it comes to acquiring Inside Edge scouting tips. Employing the system for individual players or entire teams can drastically improve your chances of success by showing the opposition's tendencies and exploitable flaws. From the pitcher's mound, you'll see red and blue zones showing each batter's preferred hot spot, and your catcher will play a crucial role in guiding your pitch over the plate (which is executed with an intuitive timed reticule.) And even though a batter's eye varies from player to player, purchasing a pitcher's Inside Edge scoop shows you the likelihood of where the ball is going to go.