Major League Baseball 2K7

One of the benefits of having an exclusive deal in this crazy business-of-game should be not having to try that hard. Apparently no one told 2K Sports, because the way they've been cramming their MLB games with fistfuls of features could find the casual slugger pressed to experience them all. So, did you think 2K7 would have less going for it? All of the bells and whistles from 2K6 are present and accounted for. And everything that wasn't in full working order last season has been overhauled for your approval. Steroid Indictment mode not included.

Between weather conditions and grass cams, the devil is in the details and 2K7 doesn't suffer from any lack of presentation. You'll find painstakingly constructed stadiums, compete with bullpens, populated by lifelike individuals rather than the cardboard cut-outs that have populated sports games in the past. The licensed music is back, with some welcome additions. Sure, they've got a Wolfmother song, but what game doesn't nowadays, and there're also some classic throwbacks such as The Specials, The Pixies- and is that Nirvana? Even if the bands aren't to your liking, John Miller and Joe Morgan return to deliver the chin music, offering their own brand of color commentary as the game unfolds.

Many took issue with the next-gen visuals of last year's Xbox 360 version, or the lack thereof, and that's been addressed as well. Both the 360 and PS3 have received graphical upgrades, closer to what we gamers shelling out for new systems deserve. Even the players' uniforms embody their own physics, though the players in the preview build did appear to have fans embedded in their sternum- we're guessing that'll get fixed. And Signature Style makes a triumphant return, capturing the true-to-life movements of the players. Nomar will perform his eccentric batting rituals and C. C. Sabathia's looks authentic right down to his slightly askew hat brim.