Major League Baseball 2K7

Which brings us to the batting system itself. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 see the return of the standard button system and the Swing Stick; using the analog stick to pull back and take your shot. But lacking the rumble feature (important to 2-player pitching) and sporting a smaller online league than 360, the PS3 is already at a disadvantage. Further issues arise from the fact that batting is defaulted to the Sixaxis motion sensor option. You'll perform a swing by awkwardly pushing the controller forward from your chest with both hands, kind of like an aerobic Hadouken.

The result is a varying degree of hit success, but the experience seems a little too clumsy to ever become the preferred batting method. It's beyond evident that the developers were trying to take a page from the Wii playbook, since it is possible to hold the Wii remote in one hand and swing it like an actual bat. But to do so with a Sixaxis would require a kung-fu death grip or an extreme disregard for one's television.

Minor PS3 gripes aside, Major League Baseball 2K7 is shaping up to do the sport justice, and we'll have a review for you when the game drops early this March.