magical swords and murder mystery

It is TIME OF HEROES. The END OF AN EMPIRE. The… Oh, sorry… got carried away with Trailer Voice, there. But then, that’s also a problem for the new fantasy action epic The Last Legion, which, in aiming to tell the “real” story behind the King Arthur/sword in the stone legends, trots out just about every possible cliché.

Like recent attempts at fantasy epics such as Eragon, The Last Legion rounds up an eclectic cast including a few traditional Brits (Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley), an intriguing actress (Aishwarya Rai) and a kid (Thomas Sangster) in the tale of the last emperor of Rome, who goes on a quest to find a sword of great power. Yeah, we’ve heard the story before too.

Watch the trailer here and if you end up taking a drink of your favourite tipple every time you hear or see a Standard Epic Movie Element, don’t blame us if your liver explodes.

On a very different scale is Paul Schrader’s latest stint at writing and directing. The Walker – which arrives in cinemas this August – follows a male escort (Woody Harrelson), who services the rich and powerful ladies of Washington DC. But when one of his clients becomes involves in a murder, and he tries to help, he finds that life suddenly gets very difficult.

You can find the trailer at the official site here . Just click “Watch” to see it.

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