Mafia 3 gameplay shows 8 increasingly illegal ways to take down the mob

Lincoln Clay has a singular objective in Mafia 3: take down the Italian mob of New Bordeaux one cog at a time, until the whole Machiavellian machine collapses in on itself. But he'll have more ways to accomplish that objective than you can fit in the back of an unmarked van.

Speaking of unmarked vans, Hangar 13 and 2K Games uploaded their full Gamescom demo for Mafia 3 - and I've torn it up to show all the different methods Lincoln uses to snuff out cold-blooded bookkeeper Tony Derazio.

By buying guns out of the back of a van in broad daylight

By violating the sacred code of not interrupting someone while they pee

By janking around a bit right in the middle of a smooth stealth takedown

By timing his sneaky elevator rides with important phone calls

By not wasting a single pellet from his sawed off shotgun

By doing a goddamn lockpicking minigame

By not giving a shit about an actual RPG exploding feet behind him

By grabbing a guy he just shot like 80 times and throwing him out of a skyscraper

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Connor Sheridan

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