Madden NFL 11 predicts Super Bowl XLV winner

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, EA has conducted its annual Super Bowl sim game in Madden NFL 11, and the results are in. If you had anything riding on the Green Bay Packers, you may want to change your bet.

If EA's predictions are to be believed, this Sunday's game will see the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Green Bay Packers by a final score of 24-20 thanks to a late game interception by Aaron Rodgers. Following this logic, we predict that the game will also be interrupted by loading screens, floating HUD displays and feature pre-recorded performances by Lil' Wayne and Kiss.

A full breakdown of the virtual match was made available today:

EA's yearly sim-Super Bowl promotion has accurately predicted six of the last seven Super Bowl outcomes, so there's a whopping 50% chance they'll get it right again this year. When asked to comment on the validity of EA's prediction, Ollie the Psychic Octopus banged his waterproof nacho hat against a nearby steel girder in what we assume was psychic octopus for 'beer me.'

Feb 1, 2011

[Source: USA Today]

Ollie 1, Analysts 0

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