Choose your own explosions in new Mad Max trailer

First Just Cause 3, and now the upcoming Mad Max game; Avalanche Studios is on a roll with these interactive trailers. Rather than forcing viewers to sit through one minute after another in succession, these videos break norms and give players the chance to … well, play around. Check it out below:

As entertaining as the game itself looks to be, I feel like the concept of a "choose your own adventure" structure doesn't work quite as well here, since whether you choose to "go heavy," "go loud," or "go mad," you're going to be seeing a lot of Max racing in the desert, Max slamming into other cars, and Max blowing stuff up. Which … you know what, nevermind. This trailer totally fits, because no matter what, that's what Max would do.

Mad Max will hit the road on September 1, the same day Mad Max: Fury Road comes to DVD and Blu-ray.

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Sam Prell

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