Mad Max lets you scrap convoys and slap 'em on your car

The Mad Max video game was first revealed way back at E3 2013, but details have since been scant. However, this month's Official Xbox Magazine cover story reveals loads of new information about how the game's brutal car-combat works...

Your enemies will ride in a convoy system, protecting a leader. It's your job to hunt them down, but getting past the grunts isn't easy. They ride on top of their makeshift cars, and will jump across the convoy (while it's moving) to attack you. Max is no slouch in a scrap, though, and comes armed with a harpoon to drag foes from their vehicles, or to yank down nearby scenery.

There are a bunch of other weapons too. You can mount spikes on top of your car to deal with careless enemies who try and jump on top (ouch), and you can equip wheel-blades that allow you to take a swipe at rival vehicles. Expect loads more options in the final game. Oh, and of course, you can just shoot their fuel tanks to finish bad-guys quicker, but ammo is limited in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Why go through all the trouble in the first place? Because convoys are really just great big rolling piles of scrap, and after all the baddies are dead you can commandeer their car parts. The Magnum Opus - Max's substitute chariot while the Interceptor is in enemy hands - is yours to customise. There's a side-kick called Chumbucket who will help you pimp your ride for more speed, endurance, damage etc.

You'll be able to see the changes too. Mount some rubber-rending grinders on the side of your tires? Great! Reinforce your chassis and drop on a mean-looking ram? You bet! Deck the whole thing out with trophies from your wasteland conquests? How could you not?

For more juicy car battling tidbits and beyond, make sure you download a digital copy of OXM or subscribe for next month's edition.

Connor Sheridan

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