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Mad Catz MOJO micro console ships in December for $250

Mad Catz' MOJO Android console will release on Dec. 10, the company announced today. The system, which comes with a micro-console and bespoke controller, is now open for pre-orders starting at $250.

The system packs a 1.8 GHZ Tegra 4 Processor, 2 GB of Ram, and 16 GB of internal storage, which can be augmented with MicroSD cards. It runs Android 4.2.2 and comes pre-installed with Google Play and Nvidia Tegrazone to purchase and download games.

You can even use the controller with Android phones with an included travel clip. Check out a hands-on preview from our friends at TechRadar to learn more about the pint-sized system.

The Android-powered gaming console market got crowded fast, with Ouya, Nvidia Shield, and MOJO. on the way soon. Is there room for Mad Catz' product under your TV/clipped to your phone?

Connor Sheridan
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