Love Pokemon Go? You’ll dig these games too

Pokemon Go remains the most exciting thing your phone can do. But sometimes you’ll have down time when you’re waiting for an egg to hatch, or when you’ve successfully defended every gym in the neighborhood. Here are six mobiles games like Pokemon Go for fans to play in those rare moments when you’re on a break from catching ‘em all.

1. Ingress

This is the most obvious analog to Pokemon Go. Two competing teams use their phones to find capture points all around the world. It has a loose narrative of biohacking and cybersecurity, but the point is really to snag as many of the points away from the opposing team. If the Mystic vs Instinct vs Valor component is what gets you excited, then this is where you’ll find loads of overlap.

2. Neko Atsume

Think Pokemon Go, but with cats. And in true cat-like fashion, players don’t really have to do much in this game. You set up your in-game backyard with food and toys in order to attract cats. Just log in from time to time and see which felines have graced your pad with a visit. If you’re lucky, you might catch them napping in the sun or batting around a ball of yarn.

3. Zombies, Run!

If all the traipsing around town capturing pokemon gyms has turned you on to exercising, this is probably the most exciting the best way to stay motivated. In the game, you’re a survivor of the zombie apocalypse trying to discover the source of the outbreak and perhaps find a cure. You collect supplies and fortify your outpost, completing missions and progressing through a story line. In the real world, you go for runs and up your fitness level. That’s definitely a win-win.

4. Oceanhorn

This is the closest thing you’ll get now to a classic Nintendo title on mobile. The game takes definite inspiration from Zelda in its presentation and mechanics. The young protagonist must explore dangerous and magical islands to find out what happened to his father. Slash through grass, hack at enemies, and solve some puzzles as you go. It’s all backed by a lovely soundtrack that includes work by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

5. Dragon Quest

Several entries from this venerable Square Enix franchise are available on mobile. They may not offer the bite-sized enjoyment of Pokemon Go, but can still consume your life thanks to the great story and world. Odds are good you can find whichever title you most loved for your phone. They’re also accessible enough to hook players who’ve only just discovered that they appreciate Japanese games; the original Dragon Quest is available on Android and iOS.

6. Lili

Finally, this quirky game’s been around for a few years, but it still stands up as a charming RPG. Its fight system involves pulling flowers off your enemies’ backs, and the rest of the time you run around different nature-inspired towns finding collectibles. Lili is cute, sweet fun, a clear match in vibe for the Pokemon crowd. 

Anna Washenko
Freelance Writer

Anna is a freelance writer who has written for the likes of GamesRadar, Ars Technica, Blizzard Watch, and Mashable. She's also created games as part of various game jams. Anna likes games about solving puzzles and/or shooting things. She wishes she could trade zingers with GLaDOS and have beers with Garrus Vakarian in real life.