Louis Leterrier talks The Incredible Hulk

It can be a mixed blessing for directors to stop by genre message boards to interact with the fans about an upcoming project. On the one hand, it’s a chance to gauge reactions and get some early feedback. On the other, you can get swamped with nitpicky questions.

But more and more helmers are doing it – from Iron Man’s Jon Favreau to Fantastic Four’s Tim Story. Joining the ranks of Marvel men submitting themselves to internet-interrogation is Louis Leterrier, the man who brought us The Transporter and Unleashed and who is charged with giving The Incredible Hulk a second shot at life.

Leterrier fielded plenty of queries, from the budget (“I made Transporter for $17M, Unleashed for $20M and Transporter 2 for $22M. This one's very big in Hollywood standards and huge compared to my first films. I'm going to put every penny on screen”) to whether this is a true sequel (“It's a hard question to answer. You have to be the judge of that when you see the film.”). But he also found time for some that seemed to be offering advice, such as asking whether he’ll be studying ultimate fighting matches to use for the battles between the Green meanie and even meaner villain Abomination (“I'll surround myself with the best fight choreographers. It's going to be special”) and, of course, the obligatory, will-Jason-Statham-appear-request, which led to Leterrier’s best answer of the night: “He’s Betty.” Nice.

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