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Lost 3.04: Every Man For Himself review

The One Where: Sawyer’s given a pacemaker (maybe).

AIR-DATE: 25/10/06

Written by: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Starring: Paula Malcomson, Ian Gomez, Bill Duke


In Flashback
In prison
Sawyer meets an inmate who’s
hidden millions of dollars. Sawyer
gains his trust and learns where
the money is hidden, but then
tells the authorities in return for
his freedom.

On the Island
The Others
operate on Saywer, telling him
they’ve given him a pacemaker
which will give him a heart attack
if his heart rate gets too fast.
Jack is taken from his cell to
try to save the life of the Other
shot by Sun. He fails, but sees
some X-rays showing someone
with a tumour on their spine.

Kate discovers that she can
climb out of her cell, but doesn’t
escape because she can’t free
Sawyer. Later, Pickett, the partner
of the shot woman, beats up
Sawyer, only stopping when Kate
says she loves him.

Desmond displays more of his
precognitive powers when he
stops Claire’s hut from being hit
by lightning.

Ben takes Sawyer for a walk to
show him that he, Kate and Jack
are being held on another smaller
island. Ben also tells him they
were lying about the pacemaker.

All the sequences on
the island(s) are gripping stuff,
with excellent performances,
great twists, snappy dialogue,
intriguing revelations and a
jawdropper ending. This is Lost
at its best, with a real sense of
things moving forward. The
flashback is okay, but we know
too much about Sawyer now not
to see the end of that plot
coming a mile off.

Sawyer: “Did you
just kill that bunny?”

Dave Golder

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