Lost in Blue: washed up on Wii?

In a blow to Wii owners praying for new games, a US retailer has listed the DS game Lost in Blue as a goer for Wii later this year.

For those who didn't play it, Lost in Blue was an adventure game where players took control of teenager Keith who is stranded on a desert island with the visually impaired teen, Skye.

During the day, Keith must explore the island, while gathering food and supplies to bring back to the cave he and Skye live in, so she can cook him his evening meal.

The tasks Keith performs take the form of minigames, which we all know Wii owners adore, so expect to peel potatoes by shaking the Wii Remote or something.

We've put a call into Konami about the listing.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 30, 2008