Looks like Caustic might be the next Apex Legends character to be nerfed

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Apex Legends fans may have seen more of Caustic than usual since the release of Apex Legends Season 8, but don't worry – developer Respawn has noticed, too.

In a Reddit AMA held over the weekend, Respawn's Associate Live Balance Designer, John Larson, admitted that Caustic is now "undeniably strong" and said that the recent changes to Caustic gas which permits teammates to "play in gas with relatively no repercussions" had had a big impact on the game, giving Caustic "the highest win rate in matches that last longer than 20 minutes".

"Good question. I think ever since the change to gas allowed teammates to play in gas with relatively no repercussions, there was a lot of unrealized potential that was quickly tapped into within the past couple of months," Larson said, responding to a question about Caustic's current dominance. 

"Caustic is undeniably strong and has the highest win rate in matches that last longer than 20 minutes. Caustic plays a unique role as a defensive legend that can act offensively in certain scenarios, and we have to make sure we tweak him in a way that removes frustration without hurting how it feels to play as Caustic.

"Long story short, we hear the community feedback, as a player, I feel it's valid, the data backs up that he's strong, and he'll be getting some attention in the near future," Larson added.

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