Looks like Alan Wake 2 releases in October

Alan Wake 2 trailer
(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

Alan Wake 2 could be launching later this year in October.

That's according to Alan Wake's own actor, Matthew Porretta, who appeared on the Monsters, Madness, and Magic YouTube channel over the past weekend. At around the 16 minutes and 50 second mark in the show below, Porretta mentions that Alan Wake 2 is "supposed to come out in October."

Right now, developer Remedy Entertainment hasn't specified a release date for Alan Wake 2. Porretta is obviously privy to a massive amount of detail that we aren't, so we should probably take him at his word with this comment, even though he probably wasn't meant to reveal this information.

Someone's probably in for a stern talking-to. Elsewhere in the show, Porretta brings up the fact that it was recently the 10th anniversary of the original Alan Wake, if you feel like crumbling to dust from the passage of time, and also recounts how he landed the titular role.

Porretta originally auditioned for Alan Wake and completely forgot about it, until six months later when his agent called him. The actor had to ask who he was playing in the game and what his role was, which is when his agent casually mentioned that he was the titular character in the game. "Oh, cool," replied a dumbfounded Porretta.

Last month, Remedy revealed Alan Wake 2 was in the "final stages" of production, so it looks like we're full steam ahead for what is supposedly the developer's biggest game ever.

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Hirun Cryer

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