Loco Roco rolls into view

We've gathered some screenshots for Loco Roco, which Sony has announced will hit PSP this summer.

A joyfully simple game, you're responsible for guiding grinning, jelly-like blobs - the Loco Roco - through snowy mountain peaks and moist jungles, while avoiding anything sharp and pokey.

Loco Roco uses PSP's shoulder buttons to tilt the levels and roll the blobby characters through the environments. By gobbling fruit scattered around the levels your Loco Roco will balloon in size, but bumping into nasties and spikes willshrink the wobbling mass. You can also break them into lots of little Loco Rocos to squeeze through tight spaces, after which they'll merge back together.

It's possibly the most beautifully absurd idea since Katamari Damacy, and we can't wait to give this enchanting oddity a hands-on test.

February 22, 2006