Live on-demand price lists

Monday 27 November 2006
Microsoft has revealed in detail its pricing plan for Xbox Live's on-demand HDTV and movie service in the US, which covers both high definition and standard definition TV episodes, movies and 'classic' movies (think 1995's Batman Forever).

The on-demand service is sure to be rolling out in the UK sometime soon, although Microsoft has been quiet about pricing for us. Here's the US price list in full:

High definition TV episodes: 240 Microsoft points ($3)
Standard definition TV episodes: 160 Microsoft points ($2)
High definition movies: 480 Microsoft points ($6)
Standard definition movies: 320 Microsoft points ($4)
High definition classic movies: 360 Microsoft points ($4.50)
Standard definition classic movies: 240 Microsoft points ($3)

Using our new favourite Microsoft-points-to-real-money website to calculatethe price in poundsbrings back a pretty favourable fee, so we expect Microsoft to bring the on-demand service to the UK with similarly decent prices.