LittleBigPlanet renews our faith in Home

We’ve taken our fair share ofshots at PlayStation Home (opens in new tab), and for good reason. What should’ve been a living, breathing friends list started out as a place where only marketing, micro transactions and sterility came to thrive.Example: Would you like to meet the cast of Street Fighter IV?!

Above: “Can we make this quick? Ken and I have a meeting at 3:30.”

But the LittleBigPlanet locations that’ve just been announced reminds us of all that potential Home once held by flooring us with what’s creatively possible. Seriously, look at this:

Above: WOW!

Above: Hmmm... This is nice, but do you have a sterile mall I can walk around in?

Instead of relying lifeless androids shilling for upcoming games (Although, this was pretty damn cool (opens in new tab)) Sackboy’s two new Home locations are brining interactive experiences, Such as King's Snap Happy Photo Hunt Challenge, carnival mini-games, custom wallpaper creators, and unlockable rewards you can exchange for LBP gear in the clothing store.

Above: Just wonderful

Play.Create.Share. That’s LBP’s motto, and it’s one Home should really take to heart more often... After all, really they should sharethe same objective.

SPEAKING OF PLAYSTATION HOME… Head on in there tonight and meet our buddy Veronica Belmont and Audrey Cleo! The ladies of Qore will be hanging out in the PlayStation Home Theater for two hours tonight starting at 6pm (9pm EST) so have your marriage proposals ready!

May 13, 2010