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Linkin Park storm Medal of Honor soundtrack. But does their music really fit the game?

EA has announced that Linkin Park song 'The Catalyst' will feature on Medal of Honor's in-game soundtrack. Not only that, but the song - which will be the first single from the band's new album - will also be used for a new Medal of Honor trailer.

The trailer is being directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn and will be released on August 1, which is this Sunday. Which is a day before the song goes on general release. To celebrate this union of rock and pretend war, EA has given the upcoming trailer it's own teaser trailer. The teaser also features Linkin Park's song 'That Catalyst'. Watch it below:

What do I know about Linkin Park? A whole lot of nothing. But a prior knowledge of the band's discography isn't necessary to form the opinion that - based on the teaser trailer - their song 'The Catalyst' simply doesn't fit with the new Medal of Honor. It sounds like a random piece of music laid over the top of some game footage. And any kid on YouTube knows how to do that.

It's a stark contrast to the haunting music that made the game's 'Leave a Message' trailer so powerful and shiver-down-the-spine chilling. Refresh your memory of its aural noodlings:

I've said before that finding the right music for the right moment is a real creative skill. But 'The Catalyst' in Medal of Honor seems more motivated by cross-brand marketing opportunities rather than a desire to push the right emotive buttons of gamers.

Now, Eminem on the other hand...

July 28, 2010

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