Lindsay Lohan says she was nearly in The Avengers

Lindsay Lohan has claimed that she was nearly cast in The Avengers , only for an “unknown” to be cast in her place.

The star made the claims in the latest episode of documentary series, Lindsay , in which she went on to bemoan her manager not pushing her hard enough in the audition process.

Lohan stopped short of naming the part or the actress in question, although given the paucity of female roles in the film, it has been suggested that Maria Hill and Cobie Smulders are the names she is referring to.

Just how much truth there is to Lohan’s argument is unclear, although it would certainly have been an eye-catching piece of casting had she made it into Joss Whedon’s film.

Perhaps there will be the chance of a cameo for her further down the track. In the meantime, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron will open in the UK on 1 May 2015.

George Wales

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