Lindsay Lohan is a Poor Thing

All right. It’s a slight joke about her recent behaviour... Given that she spent the weekend getting arrested for driving under the influence and having cocaine in her car, frequent tabloid fodder Lindsay Lohan also managed to get cast in a new film.

She, alongside Grindhouse’s Rosario Dawson and Step Up’s Channing Tatum, has joined the cast of granny gang comedy Poor Things.

Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis are already on board the film, which is inspired by real-life news stories about elderly women running cons, insurance fraud, drug deals and murder. I dunno… the old these days. You just can’t trust ‘em. One minute they’re quietly drawing their pension, the next, they’re holding up the post office and threatening to shoot any motherfucker who so much as blinks in their direction.

Ash Baron Cohen is directing from Trent Haaga's script and despite La Lohan’s recent arrest, she’ll be reporting bright (maybe) and early (do they know what she’s like?) on Wednesday morning for the start of shooting.