Limbo walkthrough and achievement guide

Climb the ladder and move left. Jump onto the hanging crate with the raven on it. Hopping will make it fall. Use this crate to reach the ledge below.

After using the floating bodies to hop across the water, drag one of them with you and push it into the trap ahead.

When you reach the trap pictured above, make sure to jump onto the raised segment to avoid death. The next trap operates the opposite way - avoid the raised segment. Once you jump across the spike pit, three enemies with blow guns will chase you. Run back to the left making sure to avoid the traps and the not so wise enemies will be crushed.

At the bottom of the ladder, there is a mine cart to the left. Pull it to the right as far as possible, then grab the rope above the saws. Climb the rope as it drops to avoid death, then hurry below and jump from the mine cart to catch it before it retracts above the saws. Swing from this rope to the next, and once the two weights are even with each other, jump to the right and run underneath.

You’ll reach a glowing maggot hanging from a tree. You’ll learn you can’t avoid these. You cannot control the direction you run in with this maggot on your head, but it hates direct light. Make sure to jump at the bottom of the steep hill to avoid the water and you’ll find a crate. Jump over the crate.

When the light forces you to change direction, push the crate along and then jump on it when under the hanging munchers to remove the head maggot.

You’ll encounter a timid frog trying to get the hanging glowy yum-yums. Hop up and down on top of the ledge containing these treats to coax the frog out. Quickly get between it and its hiding spot on the right. This will force it left instead and into the spinning wheel.

Pull the lever and hold it until the rain turns on. Continue until you reach a hanging chain. Fall into the pit beyond this and pull the log into the center of the pit. Climb out via the ladder on the left. Grab the chain to connect the pipes and fill the gap with water, allowing you to cross.

If you don’t feel like reading, just watch the video to figure out this segment. At the bottom of the slope, push the crate along until it is underneath the trap door. Pull the lever to the right of the ladder, then quickly climb up and pull the trap door open. Jump onto the rising crate. When possible, jump from the crate to the ladder. At this level, pull the crate out from under the ledge and hop on. Once the water rises you can reach the ledge above. At the top of the slope, take a flying leap, grabbing the ledge below as you fall. Pull open the trap door. The water will cause a ball to rise. Once it does, close the trap door so that you can push this ball to the right. Line it up with the crate above, then hurry up the ladder and stand on the crate. Be quick about all this as the timing is very tight.

When you reach the ladder, run past it and pull the lever. After the water rises, pull this lever again. Climb the ladder and jump across the water. Pull this second lever and you will be able to cross.

Another head maggot... Before it latches onto you pull the crate out from under it and all the way to the left. Let the maggot hop on, then use the crate to reach the ledge above and enter the light. This will turn you around so that you can proceed across the ladders.

You cannot change direction with the head maggot attached but you can slow down. Carefully jump across the breaking pipes until you reach a second patch of light. This will turn you around.
The water is rising now so hurry all the way back to the first patch of light in order to face the correct direction. Jump on the right ladder and wait for the water to raise a section of pipe. Use this pipe to make the jump to solid ground. Jump so the hanging munchers eat the maggot off your head.

- IT’S STUCK (10g): Wait for section of pipe to come ashore and pull it to the right past the ladder. Push it into the water about 75%, hop on, then leap to the left and grab the partially hidden chain. This drops a magic egg - step on it for an achievement.

When you reach the hotel sign, time your leap so that you grab onto the H just as it turns off (it stays lit for exactly three seconds). Hop onto the O, then drop down to the left. Swing across the gap using the rope under the T and turn off the current. You can now pass safely over all five letters. Beware that the arrow at the end will fall out from under you so make that final jump a quick one.

Push the ladder on wheels so that one wheel is on the slope. Let it go and climb up as you roll down the slope. Leap from the ladder in order to break the glass.