Limbo walkthrough and achievement guide

Are you tired of seeing your little shadowy self get repeatedly skewered, sliced, and smashed into a grayscale sandwich spread? Yeah, neither are we. But the show must go on, and you’ve got 200 gamerscore to earn. Limbo is a beautifully dark platform puzzler with a very unique style, and we’ve got a guide to help you breeze through the game and find allten collectable achievements along the way.

This guide is divided into chapters. The chapter labels coincide with where the game drops you when choosing ‘Load Chapter’ from the main menu. Note that the game will not tell you when you’ve left one chapter for another.

Chapter 1

- WRONG WAY (5g): Run to the left to find a magic egg. Step on it to receive an achievement.

Chapter 2

Drag the crate out of the pond. Position it under the hanging rope. Swing up, climb the branches, and push over the broken portion. Use this to cross the pond.

- ALTITUDE IS ATTITUDE (5g): From the top branch, jump left onto a partially hidden rope. Climb halfway up and swing left to reach an achievement.

Continue on until your reach the giant spider. Beware of his initial attack, then get him to strike at you twice more. This will knock down the bear trap from the branch you just passed under. Use this trap to catch the legs of the spider as it stabs at you.

Continue on until you are inevitably wrapped up in the spider’s webs. Wiggle around to drop from the ceiling and hop along until you reach a loose boulder.

Push this boulder and quickly move back to avoid the falling tree. Keep going until you jump down onto a larger boulder. Ride this to safety. When you reach the hanging rope, be careful not to swing forward at first to avoid a falling bear trap.

Leap from stump to stump and onto the thin branch. Move back quickly to avoid the falling log.

At the segment pictured above, jump onto the middle log then straight up to avoid the swinging boulder trap.

You’ll encounter some mechanical spider legs - be careful and run underneath. Jump across the pit, but run and jump back over once the flaming tire comes rolling toward you. Now continue on. You can simply jump to avoid the rolling rock, but hurry or you’ll face another flaming tire.

Once you pass the hanging corpse, get ready for some maneuvering. Inch forward until the first bear trap swings down, then move a step or twoforwards againto avoid the second. Climb the rope to your left to proceed.

You’ll reach a log - push it into the water quickly and jump on. Leap as soon as possible from the log and continue on. When you reach the see-saw, stand on the right side until the spider raises you up. Jump quickly to the ledge and keep going.

Eventually the spider will fall into a pit behind you. Proceed right to trip a boulder trap. Run back to the left, drop down, and let it roll overhead and crush the spider

When you reach the spiked pit, the spider will return once more (less threatening this time). Let it stab at you. The spider is now dead dead. Pull his leg off and push the body into the spike pit to proceed.