Limbo walkthrough and achievement guide

Head past the ladder on wheels. Pull the mine cart left until it is under the lever above. Now go back to the ladder.

The timing is tricky here so refer to the video. The object is to time the ladder’s movement so that you can jump from it after turning on the electricity and reach the ledge above.

Jump onto the lever, and drop down into the mine cart. Upon reaching a ladder, use it. Leap over the incoming saw, timing things so that you land on the cart below. As soon as the cart goes off the rails, jump off and stop it from rolling into the button on the wall.
Give the cart a push so that it has some uphill momentum, then climb onto it and jump to ledge. Hurry to the right before the cart turns the juice on.

Activating this lever rotates the screen again. Proceed carefully, and leap to a ladder and then to a ledge, using the swinging lamp as your guide.

-GUIDED BY SPARKS (10g): Climb onto the crate against the wall. Take a leap of faith to your left and climb onto the ledge there. Take another leap to the right. You’ll find a magic egg - step on it for an achievement.

Push the crate left and down onto the charged platform to proceed.

The point here is to use the gun above to destroy the gun below. Refer to the video.

When you reach the two crates next to a button, push one to the top of the slope on the right. Let it go, and run back making sure to leap over the button. Stand on top of the crate on the left, and when the crate on the right slides over the button, you will be lifted. Jump off onto the ledge.

After the crate falls, make sure to keep it from sliding off the right edge. Push it to the left so that you can reach the ladder.

Run to the right and hop on the ladder. It will drop down. Now push the crate below you up the slope again. Rush back, climb up the new ladder, and hurry to the left so that you can grab the other crate before it drops. Align this crate with the ledge above you. Now push the crate up that slope again, and get back here quickly. You need to be standing on the upper crate when the switch is activated in order to proceed.

-UNDER GROUND (10g): Without pressing the button, stand as seen in the screenshot. Press down on the control stick to drop into an area with a magic egg. Step on it for an achievement. Leap around blindly until you find a chain you can use to climb out of this hole.

Use the elevator. On the upper level, get on top of the elevator and trip the machine gun above. It will shoot down a crate - push this crate so that it is on top of the elevator and ride up with it. The gun cannot shoot through this crate. Use the crate to leap over the gun. Proceed until you find a switch.

You need to use this switch to alternate gravity and bring another crate into reach. Use the momentum that the slope provides. Refer to the video.

With the crate now in reach, push it to the right as far as it can go (behind the gun). Pull the crate off the top of the elevator and push it all the way to the right so that you can reach the ladder.

At the top of the latter you’ll find a gravity switch. Flip it, then run left and grab the crate which you left near the gun. It will be on the ceiling now. Drag it back to the gravity switch area.

Configure the crates as seen above. As soon as the platform to start sliding left hit the gravity switch. Run to your right and scramble up the crates and the platform and climb down the ladder.

Here turn on the magnet button first, then the gravity button. But switch off the gravity button just before the large block on the left touches the ceiling. This allows you to climb up the block on the right. Refer to the video for exact timing.

Press the first gravity switch and you’ll hear a platform with a rope sliding toward you. Time it so that you press the gravity switch on the ceiling as the platform is moving toward you (the moment the entire platform is in view). That way when you drop down, you can grab the rope before it slides away again. Let go of the rope before you swing into the spikes. Slide down the slope, jump, and hit the gravity switch.

Hit the next gravity switch as you jump, but be careful to time it so that you land when the electricity is off. Continue down to the O, and slide off the right side.

-GOING UP (10g): Head right, and leap of the ledge, hitting the gravity switch in mid-air. Immediately move left over the crate and drop down (well, up). You’ll see a handle in the wall. Pull it out. If you did everything quickly enough, a magic egg will fall out. Step on it for the game’s final collectable achievement.

It’s best to refer to the video for the next couple segments. You need to move the crate to the right, but make sure you are back above the gravity switch when it turns off so that you can turn it on again in mid air.

Once you reach the magnet switch with the gun, listen to the audio and leap out to turn off the magnet just as the gravity is about to flip again.

Hang off the edge of the platform here as seen above. Before the gravity flips you to the ceiling, drop off and move forward a bit. You should fall up before the gun fires. Move left and line up with the open gap below.

In the area with the saws, time your leap so that gravity shifts before you fall into the second saw.

This is the final puzzle. You need to time your leap in order to fall up and past the switch but have gravity pull you back down before you hit the saw at the top. As you’re falling back down, hit the switch. Congratulations! You’ve beat Limbo, and should be at least 190 gamerscore richer. Beat the game again in one setting without dying more than five times for the final 10.

July 23, 2010