Life is Strange TV series potentially coming to Amazon following new deal

Life is Strange
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The upcoming Life is Strange TV series could end up streaming on Amazon Prime Video following the streaming service’s new deal with video game adaptation production company. 

As reported by Deadline, Amazon Studios has signed a "first-look deal" with production company dj2 Entertainment - loosely speaking, this means that Amazon will get first look in for any dj2 Entertainment’s projects, which will inevitably lead them being available through Prime Video once produced. 

So where does Life is Strange come into this? Well, the studio - which co-produced the Sonic the Hedgehog movie - has a number of video game IPs under its belt to adapt into TV shows and movies including Life is Strange, Little Nightmares, It Takes Two, Disco Elysium, and more. 

Fans of the choice-based game were first made aware of a TV adaptation back in 2016, with dj2 Entertainment gaining the rights for the production in 2017. Since then, not much else about the show has been revealed other than the fact that singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes was attached to write the music for the series, as well as act as executive producer. 

Video game adaptations appear to be all the rage in Hollywood at the moment as several well-known and loved gaming IPs are currently, or will soon be, getting the same treatment. Two of Naughty Dog’s IPs, Uncharted and The Last of Us, are seeing movie and TV adaptations, as well as fellow PlayStation Studios game Ghost of Tsushima which is also getting a movie adaptation, and that's in addition to the recently announced American McGee’s Alice TV show. 

Curious to see if any of your favorite IPs will soon be getting the adaptation treatment? Take a look at our list of upcoming video game movies to find out. 

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