Life is Strange: True Colors comes to Nintendo Switch in December

Life is Strange: True Colors
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Life is Strange: True Colors will finally come to Nintendo Switch in early December, Square Enix has announced.

The publisher revealed the new release window for the Nintendo Switch port of Deck Nine's game yesterday, in the tweet you can see just below. Additionally, the image accompanying the announcement gives us a glimpse of how the Nintendo Switch version of Life is Strange: True Colors will look on the handheld console, with a slightly modified version of protagonist Alex Chen to go on.

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Also, it appears this release window for True Colors will only be for the digital version of Deck Nine's game on the Switch. Square Enix specified that it's the digital version of the game that'll be launching in early December, and makes no mention of a physical launch, leading to obvious questions about whether there even will be a physical version of True Colors on Nintendo's console at all.

We also don't know if the Switch version will include the recent Wavelengths DLC for True Colors. Deck Nine launched the prequel DLC late last month on September 30 on all other platforms, giving players a look at the story of sidekick Steph before Alex arrives in Haven Springs for the events of the main game. Considering how much our Heather Wald adored Steph's extended story in her Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths writeup, we'd certainly hope so.

The Nintendo Switch will also get the Life is Strange Remastered Collection when it launches early next year on February 1, 2022. The bundle includes the original Life is Strange, as well as the prequel Before the Storm miniseries, which was actually True Colors developer Deck Nine's first foray into the series. It'll feature some graphical enhancements across the board, including improved lighting and entirely remade character models, the perfect excuse to revisit two fantastic narrative-drive games.

For what we made of Alex Chen's adventure before it arrives on the Switch later this year, head over to our Life is Strange: True Colors review for more.

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