Lex leaves 'em hurting in new DC Universe Online trailer

Exobytes – can't live with them, can't train a new generation of meta-humans to fight a future war against Brainiac without them. Following up on DC Universe Online's intense opening cinematic, Sony Online Entertainment has released a new CGI short, Fractured Future, which gives a little more background as to how Lex Luthor came to possess the Exobytes and why Batman should never trust a one-eyed bald guy with a time machine.

Lex screws over everyone in the end? Shocker! Seriously though, if DC Universe Online were just uploaded clips like this every few days, it may help with subscription sales.

Speaking of which, Sony rolled out its DC Universe Online Legend Plan that gives players the opportunity to lock in for a discounted 3-month rate of $29.99 (down from $41.99), as long as they do so before the free month trial ends on March 1st. It was also announced that DC Universe will soon begin receiving new content beginning later this month with the arrival of Catwoman and Aphrodite. Not necessarily together, but that would be kind of awesome.

Feb 9, 2011

DC Universe Online
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