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DC Universe Online becomes Sony Online's fastest seller

Although the publisher wouldn't provide a specific number for how many units it has sold, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DC Universe Online is the company's "fastest selling game ever," andthat it'shaving difficulty keeping stock available.

"Should have more inventory in Monday," wrote SOE president John Smedley in a Twitter post over the weekend.

The game, which is available on PS3 and PC, gives players the nerdy-dream-fulfilling experience of creatingsuperheroes (or villians)and fighting alongside all the major DC Comics superstars.

On the digital download PC gaming service Steam, DC Universe Online was ranked as the #1 download last week, though Smedley didn't say exactly how many copies were sold.

Sony Online Entertainment doesn't ship a lot of products andits following has been relatively niche to date, so saying DC Universe Online is its fastest-selling game of all time isn't the same thing as if it were Sony Computer Entertainment's or EA's fast-selling title.

Nevertheless, we're not surprised that it's doing well. While it hasn't been out long enough for us to give it a definitive score,why don't you check out ourrecent Full-Access Playthroughfor an idea of how we feel about it?

[Source:Twitter(John Smedley)]

Jan 24, 2011