Level 92 Starfield player finds a Legendary gun worth 136,000 credits, but it's so broken they "don't even want to use it"

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A Starfield player has uncovered a gun that's so broken they don't think it'd be fair on enemies to use it.

The particular Starfield weapon that's caused such a hullaballoo can be seen just below, and it's been dubbed the "Legendary Particle Beam Rifle." But what exactly makes this Particle Beam Rifle so legendary? Apart from the weapon's rarity, it's probably the fact that it stacks damage on top of its already high physical and energy damage rating with each consecutive hit, and has increased attack speed, and fires in a shotgun-like spread. 

This gun is so broken I don’t even want to use it from r/Starfield

Yes, this does exactly what you think it does: for every hit that the beams of the particle rifle score, the gun deals more damage, no matter if that's on the same target or not. We don't know exactly how much damage the Furious mod stacks on top of that base value, but suffice it to say that even if it's merely 10 damage or a few multiplicative percentage points, it's still incredibly strong. 

You might think the shotgun-esque One-Inch Punch mod would hurt the gun's ease-of-use, but as similar guns have proven, this mod just spreads your weapon damage in a (surprisingly tight) cone, which can actually make it easier to hit enemies – and, in this case, trigger that on-hit Furious mod, assuming anything is still alive. It's a weird mod, but as we saw with the knife with a magazine capacity mod, that's normal for a system that randomly generates guns this way. 

Oh, and this player was somehow level 92 when they got their hands on this OP weapon. Starfield might've come out a week ago, but players are already hitting the endgame. Perhaps they've utilized this incredibly creative farming method which grants XP in the thousands, meaning you can theoretically reach level 100 in just a few hours. 

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