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Let the SixAxis rumble rumors begin

God of War II director Cory Barlog has dropped a heavy hint that the PS3 SixAxis will be given a rumble feature in the future.

It's amazing what can come from a launch party of a videogame. 1up reports that Barlog let slip a few interesting things about the future of the God of War series (which will obviously hit PS3 at some point).

Here's the clip: "Did Barlog just confirm that God of War 3 will be in 1080p with SixAxis and VIBRATION functions on PS3? He sure did! Whoa! Well, technically he didn't confirm GOW3, but he confirmed SixAxis and vibration for the future of God of War."

Whoa(!) indeed.

And on that note, Kotaku reports that Sony is already testing a rumbling SixAxis. It's all pointing in the right direction...

March 13, 2007