Leonardo DiCaprio entering The Twilight Zone?

Often when Leonardo DiCaprio is quizzed about his favourite childhood TV shows, he’ll open up about his love for Rod Serling’s legendary sci-fi anthology series, The Twilight Zone.

Now it looks like he’s using some of his production company clout to get a movie produced using episode plots that Warners – who would distribute – has the rights to. And he’s adding it to the ever-growing list of films he’s involved with.

Don’t get us wrong – we’d love to see a new Twilight Zone film, provided they can find some great writers to pen the script (or scripts if it’s another segmented job). It’s just that the title carries a little cinematic tragedy, given the death of Vic Morrow and two child actors in the 1983 film.

Still, if this new version could bring a story as good as To Serve Man to the silver screen, it’s a risk worth taking.

The Hollywood Reporter is in the zone.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )

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