Lend your face to a bad guy in Max Payne 3s multiplayer

Always wanted to be target practice for millions of online gamers? Well Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 casting event is your chance. Just go on Twitter and using the hashtag #maxpayne3. If your tweet is one of ten randomly selected, you’ll be asked to submit a picture. If your pic impresses the gang at Rockstar, you’ll join the ranks eight fans to be immortalized and then murdered for all eternity on the internet.

Rockstar has already chosen four winners, and is looking for four more. As you can see, being a guy who looks like Soap Mactavish or a girl with a cool haircut is a serious advantage. The contest runs until January 13th. Here are the official rules, and Rockstar’s newswire about the selection process.

Alex Roth