Lego Builder's Journey is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this month

Lego Builders Journey
(Image credit: The LEGO Group)

Lego Builder's Journey, the former Apple Arcade exclusive, is making the jump to the Nintendo Switch and PC later this month.

Light Brick Studio initially released the game to iOS in December 2019, but it's now been revealed that the title will be expanding to the other platforms on June 22. This will see the game move past its stint on Apple's subscription service, allowing new players to experience the experimental puzzles.

The PC version of the game is making specific use of NVIDIA cards, seeing a decent boost in performance too. Ray-tracing is a new feature to this version, which will attempt to make the bricks that make up the game's world look strikingly realistic.

Lego Builder's Journey is quite different to other Lego games. While most are more focused on family platformers, especially those based on popular franchises, this is a quieter puzzle game focused on older audiences. The title places you in charge of a small Lego figure who is trying to navigate a square level. Players use pieces to create pathways around the maps and avoid small dangers on their journey. The debut title from Light Brick Studio, Lego's own game developer, went on to win the Best Mobile Game at the Golden Joysticks Awards 2020. 

From mountain ranges to industrial areas to beautiful oases, the game takes the player on a trip to many biomes. Think a muted mixture of Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley. If you're struggling to visualise how all this might look, don't worry. A trailer has been released alongside the announcement:

The game now has listings on both the Nintendo storefront as well as Steam. While it currently does not have a listed price on PC, it is listed for 19.99 on the Switch.

It's exciting to see the Lego Group publishing these more experimental games, especially as the Lego brand has expanded into an adult pastime. While most have a picture in their head of what a Lego game looks like, this offers an alternative vibe that shows the breadth that the brand can exhibit in video games.

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