LEGO Batman 2 Trophies and Achievement Guide

Just like each and every LEGO game, the majority of achievements and trophies are going to come after you have completed the single-player storyline in LEGO Batman 2. Once you get that out of the way, Gotham is your oyster so Batman and the gang have free run of the entire city, letting you roam around it and free play all the previous missions to get all the rest of those pesky rewards. There are a lot of items to find, including gold and red bricks, boss villains, vehicles, other heroes to make the crime fighting even easier, and even a hidden LEGO city within the LEGO Gotham City. That’s some LEGO Inception stuff right there.

Arkham Asylum Antics


Complete story level 3

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Asylum Assignment


Complete story level 4

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Chemical Crisis


Complete story level 5

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Chemical Signature


Complete story level 6

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

City Slicker


Collect all the gold bricks (Single Player Only)

Throughout Gotham City, there are 250 gold bricks that you can find. To see where the gold bricks are located, find the remote Bat-Stations around the city which are indicated by red light beams if they haven’t been activated and blue light beams if they have been. When you active each, you will reveal a part of the city map and can then press Y/Triangle to scan the surrounding area.

When you do, you will be shown the locations of the gold bricks as indicated by yellow dots. The gold bricks can be found everywhere throughout the city, and more often than not, on rooftops by performing simple tasks. Another great place to rack up the gold bricks is the Amusement Park where each and every ride and game will net you a brick. There are easily 20 bricks within the rather small area.

Other ways to get gold bricks is to rescue citizens in peril, receive superhero rating on missions by collecting enough studs, completing mini-kits, and simply by completing single player missions.

Combo Hero


Do a finishing move

When you are beating up an enemy with melee attacks, it will often show a button prompt of B/Circle over the enemies head. When it appears, press it and you will perform a finishing move. Perform it once and you will receive this for your troubles.

Complete Hero

Platinum Trophy (PlayStation 3 Only)

Collected all of the trophies

Acquire each and every one of the other trophies.

Core Instability


Complete story level 13

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Destination Metropolis


Complete story level 8

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Down to Earth


Complete story level 10

This is part of the main single-player storyline and cannot be missed.

Dynamic Duo


Play a level in co-op

Load up the first mission (or any mission, but the first is nice and short) in Story Mode – not in free play – and play through it with a friend in local co-op. If you don’t have a friend that can help you out, you can switch back and forth between controllers as there isn’t all that many times that each character needs to do their own thing. Once you complete the level, this will pop.

Extra! Extra!


Collect all the red bricks (Single Player Only)

There are 20 red bricks to be found throughout Gotham; each that gives you a special perk when you activate it in the menu. For a full list of locations and details on acquiring the red bricks, you can check out our Red Brick Guide for their locations, costs, and effects.

Girl Power


Unlock all female heroes and villains. (Single Player Only)

To find all of the female characters in the game, you will need to collect all 250 gold blocks, complete the main story, and unlock a few bosses and golden doors. Supergirl is the last character to unlock and you’ll be able to get her when you have acquired all 250 gold bricks. All of the female characters needed are:

  • Batgirl
  • Black Canary
  • Catwoman
  • Harley Quinn
  • Hawkgirl
  • Huntress
  • Poison Ivy
  • Supergirl
  • Wonder Woman

Gorilla Thriller


Climb to the top of Wayne tower while riding a Gorilla and playing as a female character.

There are a few things needed for this achievement/trophy. First, you’ll need to have a female character – after you finish the single-player campaign you have access to Wonder Woman – and then release a gorilla from the Gotham Zoo.

Make your way to the Zoo, located across from the central Gotham Park, and use the lever in front of the gorilla pen to open the gate. Enter and go to the left of the pen to find where the gorillas spawn if they aren’t already wandering around.

Press Y/Triangle to hop on one and then make your way out of the pen. Go to the street and head south to Wayne Tower while avoiding the dynamite throwers and exploding cakes. Your gorilla will only last if it doesn’t get hit by enemies. Once you reach the tower, go to the rear on the right side and there will be a wall there that you can climb up. Make the long hike upwards and when you reach the top, this reward will pop.

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