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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds dungeon guide

House of Gales

In the opening room, break the pots to reveal a switch. Step onto it to start up some fans above, then use the Tornado Rod to launch yourself up into the stream and be carried to the high ledge. Head through the doorway.

In the next room, head to the north end. Use the Lamp to light the torches and create a chest containing a Red Rupee. Exit the room via the doorway in the northeast corner.

In this room are some fans and Like Likes. Strike the orb to stop the fans, then take out the baddies. You can now reach the chest past the fans; it contains Monster Guts. Exit through the same door.

In the previous room, head to the dip in the southeast corner. Swipe the orb here to lower a wall to your right. Make your way to the ledge on your left, then merge with the wall to cross over the ledge you just lowered. Exit through the door here.

In here is a trio of Bubbles. Use the Tornado Rod to put out their flames, then land a few sword strikes to defeat them. Once they're gone, a chest containing a Small Key will spawn. Grab it and exit the room.

Head directly left to find a locked door. Use your Small Key to head through.

Inside this room are a few Biri and a moving red block. Merge with the block to reach the chest to the north; you'll find the Compass inside. Merge and ride the moving blocks to reach the northwest corner of the room. From here, you can take some stairs to reach the upper part of the room. Ride the blocks from their tops now to reach a switch on the right side of the room. Hit it to activate a shortcut fan, then exit via the door here.

Back in the central room (on the catwalks this time), look south for a switch. Step on it to activate a nearby fan. Use the Tornado Rod to ride its stream to a northern catwalk. Merge with the wall to your left to reach the doorway in the northwest corner. Head through.

In this room is a narrow catwalk and several rats. Take them out then head through the door to the south.

You're back in the room with the moving red blocks. Merge with the wall to your left and follow it to reach a chest with a Silver Rupee. Now make your way back to the northern walkway in the central room.

From the walkway, head right and merge with the wall to reach a ledge to the south. On this ledge is an orb; strike it to activate the giant fan in the middle of the room - your ticket to the second floor.

Ride the fan to the second floor. Head south and use the Tornado Rod to dodge the rolling spikes. Break the pots in the southwest corner of the room to reveal a switch; step on it to reveal Small Key on a narrow ledge. We can't grab this yet, but we will soon. Head through the door south of the key.

In this room, make your way to the door left of the giant fan. Head through to return to the central room. Merge with the wall here to reach the Small Key, and then drop down and open the locked door at the southern end of the room.

You'll enter the next room atop a high ledge. Drop to the right and head to the far right of the room. Pull the handle here to reveal a big chest and activate the pair of Armos. Take them out and open the chest for the Big Key. Take out the other pair of Armos and use the Tornado Rod to kill the flames in your way. If you pull the other handle by accident, use the Tornado Rod to temporarily kill the flames it generates. With the Big Key in hand, you need to make your way back to the ledge in the middle of this room.

Return to the ledge, and drop to the left this time. Pull the handle on the far left (the other two spawn Like Likes) to get the little platform to your right moving. Use the Tornado Rod to hop aboard, then merge with the wall left of the locked door. Follow this around the corner to find a well hidden switch. Hit it to spawn a Small Key in the flame circle back on the main ledge. Return there, kill the flames with the flames with the Tornado Rod, grab the Small Key, and head through the locked door on the walkway above.

You've got a pair of fiery Dodongos to battle in here. Use the Tornado Rod to cool them off, then get in some good strikes with your sword. Avoid the heat trails they leave, and this battle will end without too much difficulty. Once they're gone, you get a nice warp portal, and the exit door opens. Head through.

You're back in the central room, but below the walkway with the rolling spikes. Follow the path to exit to the northwest room.

This room is full of switches which will activate fans and carry you away. Stepping on the wrong one will send you back the room's beginning. Star by stepping on the left switch on the starting ledge. Then step on the upper left switch on the next ledge. Finally, step on the upper switch on the third ledge to reach the exit door.

You're back in the central room yet again. Follow the path to step on a switch and deactivate all fans in the room. Drop forward, then merge with the wall and head left. Leave the wall and head up the stairs. To your right are the ledges the fan streams were previously blocking. Use them to reach the upper right door.

You're back in the room with the big fan, but in a section you couldn't access before. Head up the stairs and fire an arrow at the orb - fan activated! Now drop into the pit to your right and take out the one-eyed Armos. Step on the switch to get a platform moving, then use the Tornado Rod to reach it. Ride it to a ledge in the southern part of the room, then hop into the big fan to reach floor three.

There are rats and Like Likes to battle here. Take them out, then head for the southeast corner. Merge into the wall to slip past the blowing fan, then exit via the southwest door.

Take out the one-eyed Armos and pull out your Lamp. Light the torches to open the left door, and head through.

The next room is full of Bubbles. Use the Tornado Rod to kill their flames, then take them all out. The easiest way is to knock them into the pit. When the room is cleared, exit through the newly opened door (you'll have to backtrack for the chest).

The next room is the pre-boss chamber, but you can't reach the big door yet. Instead, merge into the wall to cross the gap and return to the eastern room.

Take the steps and open the chest for a Small Key. Head to the room's southwest exit to return to the room with the one-eyed Armos and the torches. Pop through the left door to grab a Purple Rupee from the chest, then head through the locked door.

Back in the pre-boss room, step onto the moving platforms. Watch out the red Biri, and use the Tornado Rod to hop to the second platform when the pair starts moving. Head through the big door to face the dungeon's boss.

The boss is actually quite easy to topple. Use the Tornado Rod to leap to its top as it moves around the room, then deliver some sword strikes. After a few blows, it will spin around the room with extra layers. Fire arrows into the layers' holes to take the boss back to normal size. You can now hop to the eyeball again with Tornado Rod. Repeat this process to make short work of the big baddie. Enjoy your new Pendant of Wisdom!

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