The Legally Blonde game will let you live your Elle Woods fantasy

Legally Blonde
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A Legally Blonde video game based on the original film and the Red, White, and Blonde sequel is set to debut later this year, reports VentureBeat

Legally Blonde will be a free-to-play mobile game from Melbourne-based studio PlaySide, a studio famous for turning television and movie franchises into mobile games like Cars: Lightning League, Jumanji: Epic Run, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

The original Legally Blonde debuted in 2001 and tells the story of sorority sister turned Harvard Law student, Elle Woods, who defies tired stereotypes about girly women who are into fashion and incredibly tiny dogs by being a brilliant boss b*tch. The 2003 sequel - Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde - pits Elle against an evil make-up manufacturer that tests its product on animals. We stan an animal rights activist. 

Considering Legally Blonde is still a pop culture touchstone 20 years after its debut (gah), it's no surprise that a mobile game has been greenlit. And it certainly helps that there's a Legally Blonde 3 set to come out in 2022, with Reese Witherspoon reprising her role as Elle Woods and Mindy Kaling writing the script. 

PlaySide is a part of a multi-year deal with MGM Studio, and pitched a Legally Blonde concept that resonated well. “We have a good relationship with MGM and we loved the franchise,” PlaySide's vice president of development TJ Munusamy says. “It’s about women’s empowerment. She’s smart, savvy, and has a sophisticated side. It’s one of those films that’s a classic. And mobile free-to-play has been our bread and butter.” 

There's no concept art or official gameplay available for the upcoming Legally  Blonde game, which is set to debut later this year, but expect it to have match-3 and narrative elements. Just remember when someone incredulously asks if you've beaten the game, it's your Legally Blonde duty to respond with, "What, like it's hard?"

 Add it to the list: new games of 2021.

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