Left 4 Dead playable at PC Gamer Showdown

PC Gamer UK sent us the following news:

"PC Gamer Showdown in association with LG is pleased to announce Valve’s highly anticipated zombie shooter – Left 4 Dead will be making its first UK appearance with a hands-on 4 player co-op at the event held at Stoneleigh Park on the weekend of 27/28 September.

"Left 4 Dead is the latest in the long line of exclusive previews set to be announced for the event adding to EA’s recently announced Mirrors Edge, Facebreaker, Mercenaries 2 and FIFA 09 – all hands on and fully playable.

"Tickets are available for the event from just £7.50 for day entry to £60 for full weekend participation in the LAN tournament with a chance to win £35,000 in hard cash prizes!"

Not sure why this is important? Poor you. Read our excited blatherings about Left 4 Dead following an impromptu demo at E3 08 and see why we think this has the potential to be game of the year.

For more information and tickets sales head over to www.pcgamershowdown.com.